I'm just natural thin

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natalia and eugenia backstage @ roberto cavalli fw03 

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Anonymous said: If you became a model, and your career started to pickup, would you drop out of college? Would your parents let you?

Probably not, I’d study and work like a lot of models do

Anonymous said: Don't you think that Kate Middleton could've been a model if she hadn't become a princess and all that? She has the height and looks thin enough too!

No, she’s really pretty, but very conventional

Anonymous said: I hate how you can never find a model's real height on the internet. I don't really understand why some of the agencies lie about it. Like how they say Barbara Palvin is 5'9, but in reality she can't possibly be over 5'7.

Yeah it sucks

Anonymous said: Have you seen Devon W's insta photos recently? Her body isn't that great at the moment (or bad angles)

I saw her three weeks ago, her body is definitely on point

elizibethlemon said: What are you majoring in at parsons? Or planning to if you haven't declared yet.

I’m not going to parsons! It was just a summer program