I'm just natural thin

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Anonymous said: Also (this is the same anon who knows Lottie) to the other anon, she makes her instagram private and only really accepts people she knows because there have been so many people trying to fake her! So that account might not actually be hers


Anonymous said: Lottie Moss is sweet, I know her best friend. I don't really believe her heart is truly in all the modelly stuff she does, which is completely fair enough she is having fun being a teenager! I think because of her distanced relationship with Kate - who is always super busy - she is trying to bond with her by accepting all these campaigns which Kate did back in the day.


Anonymous said: haha have you ever looked at her instagram shes so basic and she looks like that blonde bitch who pretends to be stupid to get guys attention in your geography class :D

Lottie? She’s definitely going through that teenager phase, where she draws in her eyebrows, wears hot pants 24/7, and rims her eyes with charcoal. She’s still pretty though!

Anonymous said: lottie is such a kid and i think she defo wouldnt be a model without kate. definitely not.

She’s beautiful but she’s short and isn’t super thin, I don’t believe she would have gotten discovered if she weren’t Kate’s sister

Anonymous said: Why do you say that about Lottie? Do you think she's a bit too chunky? :$

For Calvin Klein, yes. She just needs to try to tone up!