I'm just natural thin

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Anonymous said: Lol I still feel gross on the inside though.. It sucks when you feel obliged to consume calories you could quite easily pass up, just to be polite to people ya know? Like it sucks how EVERYTHING is celebrated with food nowadays and it's like isn't my company enough, why do I have to eat this to make you happy???

Yeah yeah I totally feel, every social gathering is based around food. Id be way skinnier if I didn’t have friends or family haha

Anonymous said: Hey it's the anon who was complaining to you a couple weeks ago about visiting family and them feeding you junk and stuff like that and it's actually really weird cause I have had to eat like CRAP but I feel like if anything, I've lost weight??? I'm so confused and actually think I would feel better if I had gained because I would feel more control but now I'm just confused..Whats going on with my body??Lol sorry I know you don't like nutrition questions but you're helpful with these things :)

That’s awesome haha, everyone’s body is different so I guess your body just adjusts well :)

Anonymous said: what happend ??

Nothing, it’s all cool now


honestly to me it looks like she stole it and i had a few messages saying she did when i saw it i got mad bc that’s my ig name floating around she could have had the decency to @ me message me ect i’m over it whatev also my original posthad many notes i lost my temper for a minute  natural-thin

Yeah yeah ok I didn’t steal it, I would never steal anything on purpose, I had no idea it was already posted. I understand how in the moment things can be especially when you have people sending you messages telling you one thing (which they shouldn’t assume) but no worries swear I didn’t mean to

krishp said: Laughing at people going off at you for an Instagram comment!!!

Lol yeah it’s making me uncomfortable

Anonymous said: lol that girl is crazy. Does she not know what a screenshot is?

I think it’s a guy idk it’s really not a big deal but some people on here get very worked up over little internet things

Anonymous said: Did you watch Unzipped yet? I want to know what your opinion on it is. X

I haven’t, but you just reminded me! This ep of Criminal Minds will be over in 15 and then I’ll start it

Anonymous said: did you read the entire ariana grande post?

Yeah I did, how sad :( It would suck so much to have won that and then gotten 15 seconds with her