I'm just natural thin

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Anonymous said: What is the minimal height for haute couture modeling ?



The shortest I saw was Charlotte Free at Chanel who was probably 5’7. Karl regularly uses shorter models though. At other shows the minimum is 5’9

Charlotte free isn’t a real model.

Tbh she’s not my favorite but she’s definitely a real model. And she’s sweet af too

ethereal-ities said: YOU ARE SO STUNNING :D !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said: post a selfie :)

I’ll post the most recent picture I have of myself (it’s not very good quality, but you can deal)

Anonymous said: What can I do to grow taller ?


Anonymous said: Wait that cereal clip doesn't show on mobile, did you link it properly?

I didn’t link it, you just search “Cara Delevingne acting” on YouTube